Dear Berry: Where is the Sounds & Notifications option on my BlackBerry PlayBook?

It's that time of the week again CrackBerry Nation where I cack open the ye olde mailbag and try to help clear up your BlackBerry woes. This week I've decided to let the community take a crack at the answer as this one is stumping even me. Brett writes:

I have posted in the forums and even reached out to RIM directly regarding this and have had no luck(RIM wants to charge me for help when I havent even had the playbook a year WITH the extended warranty). Ever since the update before 2.0 came out I have not been able to sync my playbook with my laptop. I have tried turning off the wifi, blue tooth, uninstalling and reinstalling desktop manager to the newest version but still as soon as I connect my playbook to my laptop (HP DM4 1160 win7 64 bit SP1) it disconnects within a few seconds. I have reformatted the playbook several times with no luck. Any other ideas for me as I see in the forums I am not the only person with this issue! I would love to be able to use my playbook more but without music and movies on there, I end up lugging my laptop with me as well. PLEASE HELP!!!


- Brett

I was able to provide a temporary work around for the issue but haven't been able to give Brett an answer to solve it. Keep reading after the break for the work around or head straight to the comments with a possible solution!

This was my response for a temporary fix regarding Brett's pc sync issue:

Dear Brett,

I'm still researching this issue but perhaps here is a temporary solution...

- Berry

I've searched and searched and haven't been able to find a way to possibly recreate the issue or solve it. Come on CB Nation, help a fellow BlackBerry abuser out with possible reasons and solutions!

That's it for this week folks. If you have any BlackBerry woes or BlackBerry etiquette questions that need answering, send them my way at [email protected] or tweet my @DearBerryCB.

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