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Welcome back CrackBerry Nation to this week's edition of Dear Berry! With all of us here at Mobile Nations finishing up our Fitness Month Challenge, I decided this week's submission should also be about fitness and a common issue many of us avid Blackberry users suffer from. CrackBerry reader "J" wrote:

Dear Berry,
I bought my first BB(9900) about a month and a half ago, and since then I've developed a pretty healthy(?) addiction to it. I find that my twitter, email and IM frequencies have all increased, and I was just wondering if you had any tips on keeping my thumbs in shape?
Best regards,

Dear J,

I would definitely take a break here and there and give your thumbs a little rub down and do some stretching exercises (see below):

Rubber Band and Rubber Ball Exercises

Rubber ball and rubber band exercises are ideal for thumb pain caused by repetitive use, for typing, using a mouse or a key board. These exercise relieve stress, stretch the muscles and tendons around the base joint and web of the thumb. The simplest rubber band exercise involves wrapping an elastic band around your index finger and thumb. Move them away in opposite directions and let the thumb and finger come back together ( apply about 20 repetitions). For the next exercise wrap a rubber band around both thumbs and place your palms onto a table or other flat surface. Flex your thumbs in opposite directions away from each other (apply about 20 repetitions).

Thumb-Palm Exercise

To start, hold out your hand on its side, with the thumb and index finger on top. Keep your elbows bent. Next, move your thumb away from your palm until you feel a stretch or pull. Keep your thumb at the level of your index finger. Return the thumb to the palm and repeat.

Right-angle Thumb Stretch

Position your hand so that your palm is facing inwards and your thumb is on top and your little finger at the bottom. Keep your fingers straight and lightly press them together. Grab your thumb with the fingers of your other hand to gently pull your thumb upwards and away from your fingers to stretch it to a position at right angles to your fingers. Hold the stretch for a few seconds and repeat three times on each hand. You can apply tension in the thumb to help strengthen the muscles.


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See you next week!

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