Dear Berry,

We were on our way to CA for a romantic weekend - finally got away from our 5 kids - and in the airport before boarding the plane and my wife's BB was accidentally stepped on and it really was almost smashed. The person who stepped on it put her heel through the screen. My wife FREAKED OUT!! I mean, I felt badly for her and did try to calm her down and let her know we could deal with it when we got home or possibly in CA (trip was only a week)!!!! Well CA had a different network so that did us no good. My wife obsessed ALL week about this. I wanted to go back home. We fought and it was a terrible vacation. What do you think?This has to be a joke or something. My husband used to disappear into the bathroom with his newspaper - ok - bad enough - lots of people do it. We had 1 child then so not such a burden. However, now he disappears into the bathroom with his NEW BlackBerry, which seems to be NEW every couple of months. I know of course because of the shear time he spends in there (no he is not sick in any way) and also it's funny, later that same evening he will show me these new fun things he learned on his BlackBerry (like I can't put 2+2 together - ha!). The issue is that we have 4 children now and one is under two years old. He is either at work or in the bathroom with his BlackBerry. Not helping me as you can see. How do I throw this thing out the window before I kick him out on the porch?

- Frustrated in Atlanta

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Dear Frustrated in Atlanta,

I'm sure it's very hard for you to understand your wife's addiction/connection to her BlackBerry. However, it might be helpful if you think of something you just can't do without, i.e., tuning everyone out when watching a football game, your own career and working late while she's taking care of the kids, a night with the guys, working on your car--you get my drift--something you feel so connected to that helps you relax and focus (other than a person). I'm sure your wife was feeling like that but much worse. Disconnected from something that helps her every moment of every day she probably uses it for her own things but possibly for the kids schedules - this is very common. Both business, social and practical use.

Now all that being said, your vacation shouldn't have been ruined and at some point she should have been able to focus on you. However, this is the dilemma of an addict.

Next time possibly, plan a trip and make sure she has a backup BB or at least a small laptop - that might help her anxiety. I'm sorry your trip turned out the way it did! Here's hoping the next one will be paradise.
- Best, Berry
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