Dear Berry Dear Berry,

My life has forever changed and i am looking forward to living the great life. My wife and I have been married for almost four years and she has hated my blackberry for our entire marriage. Up until just over a month ago we had never gotten along when it came to us spending time together due to my phone(girlfriend as she put it) going off or me being on it.  I have tried four the last two years to get her one but never managed to make the sell.  That was until she saw the bold and the new curve.  She was pretty happy to try one out when I surprised her with her very own curve(8320), mainly because I hid her phone.

Now she has the 8900 and she is always coming home with a new accessory, theme, ringtone, and telling me that i need something new for my bold.  Now this may look like she has been turned into a career abuser but I think of it as a outreach program that worked.  The last month has been like winning the lottery or something. She is now a bb spotter, always chatting with people at the grocery store about her colorwared paint job and telling me all of the news that is on crackberry.

Life has truly changed and it is all due to her new love for the berry.  She is a great woman and the love that we share goes far beyond our love for our phones, but I must say that it has been really nice to share the love of the berry with her.  As the title says my life has forever changed. So for all of those addicts out there that has a spouse that is always asking you are always on your bb just do what i did get the one and hide there other phone.

- My Life Has Forever Changed

Dear "My Life Has Forever Changed",

I can't tell you how happy I am for you and your wife. Your story was fun to read and made me think of something from a different perspective. I hadn't thought about getting someone else involved with a berry as an outreach program. Almost an intervention of sorts that reaches out to the person who hasn't been exposed to the berry in a positive way. They have only been exposed in a negative way because they view it as always "getting in the way". This is an inclusive way to solve the issue of arguing, etc. over the berry when two people who are together and aren't "on the same page" on the topic. And, great idea (although a bit sneaky I must admit) to hide her phone.

I congratulate you on succeeding in bringing your lovely wife to the berry and to Crackberry. Additionally, it sounds like the times the two of you will have together now will go just a bit smoother :-).

Well...everyone, this is a great solution! If it's a spouse, partner, close friend or family member who has issues with your berry (all of us have them in our lives), we can all send thanks for this very creative way to change things!

Thank you and enjoy!

- Berry

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