Dear Berry Dear Berry,

Ok so I love blackberries I'll admit it. I had the pearl first day out then I went to WM with the Treo750 and came running back to the 8700 then the curve then I bought a spare 7290 then a spare 7130 and now I have the 8820. So is this an addiction? I only use the 8820 but I sometimes get an itch for the wheel and I flip back to the 7130 or 7290. I justify this by saying I don't wanna drop or lose my 8820 when I play sports or go to a bar, do you buy that or am I just obsessed with these things? And is there any chance that I can get the ball and the wheel even if its not functional on the berry 9xxx?

- Fond of the Crack(berry)

Dear "Fond of the Crack(berry)",

I must tell you that I can completely relate to your dilemma. I have had the Curve since the day it came out and have been telling myself that I would put my 8700 up for sale on Ebay any day now (I won't even list all of the other devices as well). Getting rid of the wheel was painful for me so I keep the device as a "back up" but know I am selling it any minute.

In my case and in yours, I would say realistically we're justifying our addiction. I wish I could just say it makes perfect sense. Holding on to those devices that had (and still have) a place in our hearts, so we just can't let them go. I say it's time to move on and call "a spade, a spade"! Fondness is fine, addiction is over the top. Your history of devices is just like mine and I know I'm an addict. So live with your device of today and keep the others in your memory and heart. We both should be on our way to Ebay or the Marketplace in the CB Forums. Lastly, a great idea for the 9xxx however, I doubt RIM would go for it!

- Best, Berry

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