Dear Berry with Mara BlumenthalDear Berry,

My husband is an Apple NUT. He was 2nd in line at the Apple store to get an iPhone - which he successfully purchased. I must admit it's a beautiful electronic however, I'm in love with my Blackberry (at times before my husband). He has been bothering me ever since the IPhone ads began months ago to switch from my Blackberry. I use my Blackberry for business (am self-employed) and pleasure. We are now fighting because I have told him for the last time I am NOT switching and that the iPhone doesn't meet my needs. Maybe if he reads it from you, he will believe there are other people who aren't totally focused on this iPhone. Thanks for your help.

iPhone Pressured

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Dear "iPhone Pressured",

Yes, the iPhone is a beautiful device, I agree. As an iPod/media device with a magnificent display and sleek design, it's great. I myself find it a beauty. However, as a business device, the Blackberry can't be beat. Additionally, RIM had focused on the consumer market with their 8800 and Curve. For receiving and answering emails, the Blackberry is way ahead of not only the iPhone. The iPhone has inconsistent call quality, a slow data connection, typing is difficult and it lacks Bluetooth support. That being said, as an expensive media device, your husband has made a nice choice. For you, it doesn't sound like leaving your Blackberry behind would make anyone happy, especially you (which in turn would most likely make your husband very unhappy :>)). You're not pressuring him to switch to a Blackberry, please let him know that gadgets are a personal thing and "different strokes for different folks". I hope he enjoys his new iPhone as you will continue to enjoy your Blackberry!