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Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. This week's question comes from one reader who asks:

I don't want to sync my gmail contacts with my BB. How do I turn this feature off? I have checked several postings but nothing worked. Several people suggested going to home page/options/advanced settings. My home page/options doesn't have advanced settings and I don't know what a BIS account is.

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Dear Anonymous:

In order to stop syncing your gmail contacts on your BlackBerry you will need to go into your email account settings and turn off synchronization for that feature. 

Synchronization settings

  1. From the homescreen click on Setup
  2. Select Email Accounts / Email settings
  3. Go to your gmail account, press menu and then EDIT
  4. Scroll to the bottom and press the + next to Synchronization Options
  5. Remove the check mark next to the contacts option
  6. Press save and exit out of the application.

You can also change these settings by logging into your BlackBerry account through your carrier's BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) website. You can find the URL's for the North American BIS sites by checking out our BIS Email Basics tutorial. From the main screen click on the edit button next to your gmail address, remove the check mark next to Contacts, and save your changes before exiting. 

For more information on BIS be sure to check out our tutorial on the difference between BIS and BES.

BIS login settings

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