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I am looking to customize my BlackBerry Z10 and was wondering if there is way to set a different wallpaper for both the lock screen and homescreen?

Dear reader,

While we do not have the level of customization we were accustomed to with themes on BlackBerry legacy devices, two popular theme developers, Pootermobile and BBThemes, posted a workaround to this dilemma in the CrackBerry forums.

I modified the directions for the Z10 and Q10 running OS 10.1 and the leaked OS 10.2 (and of course it will work on the Q5). If you follow these simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy separate wallpapers on each of these screens for your BlackBerry 10 device. All of this is possible because of Parental Controls

  • Set the image you would like as the lock screen as your wallpaper before making any other changes
  • Swipe down from the homescreen and tap on Settings
  • Tap on Security and Privacy, and then Parental Controls
  • Toggle Parental Controls to ON and create a password for your new profile
  • Remember to leave all features set to ON to prevent your applications from being disabled
  • Your homescreen will default back to the original icon placement and the default background which is normal
  • Go back into Settings, tap on Display, and then Select Wallpaper to choose an image for your background
  • You may also go into the Pictures application and select from there as well by tapping on the overflow icon and selecting Set image as
  • Press the lock button at the top and voila, the background originally selected in the first step is displayed while the wallpaper activated after is on the homescreen when you swipe up

I can't help but love having two different walls for my display, even if it did involve rearranging the icons back to how I like them. However, once they are in your preferred order, changes are saved to the profile created by Parental Controls.

Again, special thanks to Pootermobile and BBThemes for sharing this wonderful tip. 

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