Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Today's question comes from Bryan who asks:

I recently purchased my third BB10 device; my Q10 should be here tomorrow, and I'm stoked. I can't wait to get that lovely keyboard back in my hands. Anyway, so a little background, I obviously got the Z10 when it was first released and love it. Then came the Z30 release in the US and I couldn't stand by and not get it. It's a beast and I love it even more. So, my 10 pretty much got tossed into the baby's room to use for music. Not that I don't dig it but the Z30 won my heart and hands. Now I had the chance to get the Q10 for free so I couldn't say no. Here's where my questions come in. I want to use the Z30 and Q10 regularly, meaning switch seamlessly between them on any g‎iven day. I know many of you at mobile nations switch devices pretty regularly so I wanted to know what the best way to switch between the devices quickly and not be missing any information on either would be. Hopefully, someone who switches between BB's regularly would have ‎some great insight for me.

I wanted to just outline some of the items to be aware of when switching. The most important one would be that you would have to keep switching your BlackBerry ID back and forth. I know that I usually keep my main ID on one device and have created a new BBID on the other device. The BBID does control your BBM contacts and groups list so if you would prefer having access to these individuals on both devices then you would have to switch and use the same ID. However, there is an issue with switching BBID's and PINs too many times which is detailed below.

To make things easier here are some of the salient points to be aware of when switching between multiple devices.

  • Contacts: If you want to make switching easier, you can load your contacts onto your online account. I see that you have Outlook.com and I understand from experience there are sometimes sync issues (if this is a personal account) between the website and the device. However, if you do not have these problems you can upload your contacts there. Once that is complete simply add your account to both devices to continue receiving not only email but accessing these individuals as well. If not you can use BlackBerry Link or a third party application such as ContactsImEx, Backup Pro, or Device Switch to transfer them up and back.

  • Apps (BlackBerry World/BBID): Now this is the question that that BBID dependent. If you would prefer having access to your purchased apps and games then you would need to switch BBID's. However, please note that some people reported that there might be a PIN limit. If you switch devices too many times an error that you have exceeded the number of PIN changes may appear. In this instance created a new ID may be best. Though Sachesi does allow you to backup the bar files on your device I do not know if they will switch to a Q and I cannot guarantee compatibility. Update: There are 15 slots available for device switching, including the PlayBook. If you receive this error you can contact BlackBerry to delete the old devices / reset your account / clean up the PINs.

  • WiFi: One of the simpler responses rather than switching SIM's and BBID's is to just use the device on WiFi. With the exception of making/receiving calls/texts you will have complete access to email, browser, apps, games, etc.I cannot speak for the other members of CB but for myself I do this with all my other BlackBerry devices. One is my main device and the others I maintain on WiFi. Even with a new BBID, you can add the same payment method though you will have to use another email address and will not have access to ones already purchased. This is also helpful if there is an issue with exceeding the maximum number of PIN changes that some receive.

  • Calendar: As stated above for contacts, if your calendar is online via your account that can be synced with your device and not be lost. Just add the account in settings and it will sync. However, if it is stored locally you could use Backup Pro, Device Switch or BlackBerry Link to restore.

  • Media: This is a personal decision if you would like to carry over your music, pictures, and other files. There are various methods. You could store them on Dropbox or Box, or use another SD card to keep them on both devices.

These are only a few suggestions. Now readers I turn it over to you. Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments below!

See you next time!

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