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Hello again readers! Dear Berry here to once again to open up the mailbag and clear up any BlackBerry woes you may have. This week's question comes from Patrick who asks:

I have the playbook and noticed that there is no option to save the images that you open in an email. There are no screen options or drop down menu options at all. Am I missing something because I am pretty sure you can save an image that you get in an email on your phone?


In subsequent emails he goes on to say that he is attempting to save attached images while his device is bridged. Keep reading for my response!

Dear Patrick,

I understand your concern. Unfortunately, as you are using BlackBerry Bridge to access your emails, that feature is not available. Once you have opened and viewed the image, they are downloaded to your BlackBerry device, not to the BlackBerry PlayBook which acts as a viewer. They are saved to either your SD card or to your internal device memory. These files are only accessible when bridged to your PlayBook or when your device is plugged into your computer as a flash drive. (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word files may be saved directly once opened by swiping down and choosing Save As and selecting PlayBook). However, they may be transferred from your device to your BlackBerry PlayBook by using a file explorer application such as Files and Folders or File Browser while you are bridged.

For now this is how to download images to your BlackBerry device (not the PlayBook) while bridged. Please note I am using the latest version of BlackBerry Bridge and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0.

When you are bridged and viewing an email with an attachment there should be an option that says Tap to download. If already opened/viewed it will save Tap to open.

Download bridged attachment

Once that is complete, the file is now in the bridge folder on your BlackBerry device. You may view and open them with the Bridge Files application on OS 1.0 or File Manager application on OS 2.0 as shown below while bridged. Please note that the directory is located by following this path: /BlackBerry/Media Card/BlackBerry/documents/Bridge. Simply tap to select the image you want and press open. As long as it's a supported file type it will open on your PlayBook.

Bridge downloads

The files will remain saved on your device for further access or until deleted or moved to your BlackBerry tablet using the third-party applications discussed above.

Thank you for sending this in Patrick. For those who have the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update, added their personal email accounts, or are not restricted by a BES IT policy, attachments are saved directly to your BlackBerry PlayBook by using the native messaging application.

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See you next week!

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