Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. Recently I've received various tweets and emails concerning the following question: 

How do I record a voice note/message in BlackBerry 10?

For anyone looking for that familiar voice note recorder icon, in BlackBerry 10 it is integrated into the Remember application. This is why I'm going to give a quick rundown of this specific feature including ways to record, delete, and share the audio file. For a full breakdown of the Remember application, our own Simon Sage compiled this detailed walkthrough for you to review.

Recording a voice note

  • Tap on the Remember icon and from the bottom of the screen choose New Entry
  • Either from the bottom or the overflow (three dots) menu tap on the Voice Note icon
  • Tap the red button to record your note
  • When complete, tap Done in the upper right to save your recording (*Note: Make sure that the note is attached to the entry. You will see a purple voice note icon as an attachment otherwise you will need to record again. This may occur if the recording is too short)
  • If you wish to create multiple voice notes for one entry simply repeat the above steps to record and attach additional voice notes.

At this point you can finish modifying your entry and save it to the application. However, I’m sure there are members out there who would like to know if a note can be saved and even shared by email without having to do this. The answer is yes and you can follow these simple steps. The important thing to keep in mind is that all voice notes are saved to device memory regardless of whether you cancel the entry after recording, mark it as complete, or delete later on.

Save and/or review a recorded voice note without completing a Remember entry

  • Once a note has been recorded and attached to an entry, users can simply tap the X next to the note and discard changes to the new entry screen
  • Navigate to the File Manager application on your device
  • Tap on the Voice folder which stores all recorded notes. This should be located under device memory, not SD card.
  • From here you can listen to or delete all of of your recorded voice notes whether they were from already completed tasks or from ones recorded without creating new remember entries

Rename and share notes

  • Users can also change the filename of each note, move to another folder (i.e. SD Card), or share the audio file (via BBM, email, text message, Bluetooth, NFC, or Remember) from within the File Manager application. Simply access the same voice folder discussed above, select the file and choose share, move, or rename from the overflow menu
  • Notes may also be attached by composing a new message (i.e. Email, BBM) and choosing either the audio or file icon

I know this may add a couple of extra steps and clicks but it is one workaround I utilize for recording notes on the go without managing additional tasks. For more information you can visit the original forum thread. A special shout out to member Andrew4Life for his succinct and helpful summary.

See you next time!

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