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Hello again readers! Dear Berry is here once again with a mailbag full of BlackBerry questions and woes. This week's question comes from Rob who asks:

How can I search my "Docs To Go" files on my 9800/

Dear Rob:

Thank you for sending in this question. There are a couple of ways for your to search your device for your Documents to Go files. Below is the method I use to locate my files but you can use universal search or go directly to the files application to browse through your device or media card for the document you want. Please note this is for the version that came preinstalled on OS 6.

Documents to Go - Browse

Search method for BlackBerry devices running OS 6

  1. Click on the Applications Folder and select the icon that corresponds with your document (i.e. Word to Go for doc files, Slideshow to Go for PowerPoint files, Sheet to Go for excel files.)
  2. The screen that appears will show a list of your most recently opened documents/files. If your file is there simple scroll to and select to open.
  3. You can choose "Open a File" at the top. This will scan your media card and device for the files which you can then choose from the file explorer. Note that it will only the detect the file extensions depending on the applicaiton you are running as described in # 1.
Documents to Go search OS7

Browsing files on the updated Documents to Go on OS 7

This is just a quick way to search for documents on your OS 6 device with the Documents to Go that came preinstalled. For newer versions or the one installed on OS 7 you can go directly into Documents To Go to search, browse, or access your most recent documents for all files types.



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