Dear Berry Dear Berry,

My boyfriend and I are both fairly technical and LOVE new and shiny electronic toys. We spend as much time with our BBs as we do with each other, if not more. But something happened....

We decided together that we wouldn't take our BBs to a funeral we had to attend yesterday. In addition, we decided we wouldn't take our BBs to a formal dinner with high level political officials.
Well I kept my side of the bargain and he not only brought his BB to both events but tried to sneak and use it. I figured it out and then he was on it more than he was off it.

The funeral was very important and the political dinner had implications that could be positive for my career. I needed to make an excellent impression and I needed his support. The worst part is that he's not really sorry and thinks I should understand. See why I need your advice. Thank you,

- HELP!!

Dear "HELP!!",

You must sit down and speak with him. This represents so much more than the BB. He was disrespectful to you regarding the events and even worse the promise you made to each other. You need to be able to trust a commitment you have made to each other, even if it is about a BB. And I must say, his lack of remorse is extremely upsetting.

Take a few days to cool down and write your feelings down about how this made you feel and the implications of his behavior. I am with you and certainly hope he will soften and bring some understanding into the situation. If he does not, I'm so sorry to say you might have deeper issues in your relationship and you might want to seek some marriage counseling.

Best of luck!

- Berry

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