Dear Berry

I've had a number of users write in asking me about sideloading. While we have some great tutorials on how to load Android applications to your BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry 10 phone from a Windows PC or Mac, some users were wondering not just how to do it, but also if this will void the warranty on the device. 

Dear Berry -

I picked up a new BlackBerry Z10 and I'm wanting to put on some extra apps and games. I read up on sideloading and think I get it but I want to be sure that it won't void my phone warranty? I always like to play it safe and want to make sure I'm not out of luck if I have to bring the device back to my carrier store.

Well - the short answer is no, sideloading will in no way void your warranty. The process is easy to perform and just as easily undone, so you can reverse it and have no signs of sideloading should you need to bring your device in to your carrier. All you need to do is simply wipe the OS and reset the device to its default settings, and no one will be the wiser. It's always a safe bet to make a backup before you sideload any apps - just in case.

Sideloading is a great feature of the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 that gives you extra apps that aren't readily available in BlackBerry World. So don't hesitate to load up some apps and games because you won't have any warranty issues should the situation arise.

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