Dear BerryDear Berry,

I am having a terrible time sleeping because of my BB. I know this sounds absurd however, I have tried to turn it off at bedtime and no luck. I just turn it on again watching for the red light. Insomnia has never been my problem but since my BB, I find things to do on it during the night. Aside from checking email constantly, I play games, look at the apps, change settings, etc. The light sometimes wakes my husband so I have now taken to going under the covers!! This has become a problem clearly, aside from the fact that work the next day is exhausting. Help!

- Very sleepy in Seattle

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Dear "Sleepy in Seattle",

Well.....I'm sorry to say this has become a problem. Interfering with your much needed sleep and then work will eventually just get worse. You need to interrupt this pattern immediately!!! PLEASE - leave your BB in another room when you go to sleep. Give yourself a cut-off time. Treat this like a withdrawal of any addiction. Sleep must not be compromised if possible, certainly not for a BB, and just think how refreshed you will be to use your BB during the day if you're not exhausted from lack of sleep. And it might also save on an argument or two with the hubby!! Much luck!

- Best, Berry
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