Dear Berry Dear Berry,

So which blackberry in your mind is better and why?


- Bold vs. Storm

Dear "Bold vs. Storm",

This is a very difficult answer. There are things I like very much about both devices. The most obvious distinction between the two would be the touch screen on the Storm which doesn't exist on the Bold. On the Bold you have the actual keyboard which BB is known for.

If carrier selection is not a factor, my suggestion would be to wait until both devices are on the market so you can have a hands-on experience with each device. For me, I know I prefer the keyboard however, the Storm is very enticing. So take your time in making sure that whichever device you choose you are comfortable with using it and all of it's functionality. For information until you get hands-on time with both, be sure to read's in-depth Bold and Storm reviews. Also, I'm certain many of our CrackBerry readers have strong opinions on this subject, so check the comments to this post and click into the forums more insights. 

Either way, you are getting a piece of the wonderful world of BB.

Enjoy and congratulations in advance on your purchase. Please let us know what you decide to purchase.

- Berry

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