Dear Berry - Am I Nuts?Dear Ma Berry,

Am I nuts?

I wanted to get your advice. Anya Hindmarch (Designer) and a large
Supermarket chain have created a Bag For Life which cost $10. On the front it states "I am not a Plastic Bag" - I have to say it's quite cool. Being a man, I have no need for this but my wife on the other hand has been talking about this for months. They are only making 20,000 so they are rare.

So here is the thing, today at 5:00 AM my alarm went off, and I drove to the nearest store to stock these bags. Bearing in mind the store would only get 30 and 1 per person, I expected the worst. On arrival, I managed to be 5th person in line. So I grabbed my token and queued for the next 2.5 hours until I could officially collect.

Anyway, to cut a long story short - I have a very happy wife. She has a bag that cost $10 but is selling on eBay (if it ever got there) for $200.

My question? Was I mad to do this - or secretly was I glad? Am I attracted to my BB?. After all, my faithful BB managed to come along for the ride.

So whilst I claim I froze - I secretly had 2.5 hours of alone time with my BB. We got to know each other just that much better....

Dear "Am I Nuts",

First of all, hooray for you for getting up at the "crack of dawn" and freezing in the cold so your wife could own one of these wonderful special edition bags. Secondly, no, you're not nuts!

You did a wonderful thing by waiting in line and ensuring ownership for her of the bag. The fact that it is selling on Ebay is an entirely different thing. I can't imagine she would want you to sell it -- After all, you have your BB and now she has her designer bag! Fair is fair!

I'm certain that your Blackberry helped the time go quickly while you were waiting in line freezing. Time alone with your BB is a very good thing and an enjoyable thing. After all, it's not like you just disappeared for a few hours without a goal to spend time alone with your Blackberry - now that wouldn't be all that wonderful :>)

So take it in stride, you were a thoughtful husband who also enjoyed himself doing something you have a passion for. After all, you're glad you have a happy wife and a Blackberry. Sounds like there is room for both!