Dear Berry Dear Berry,

My main issue won't surprise you. My second one might! I am of course obsessed with my BB Curve. I LOVE it! I can't put it down. When I go out with friends to dinner I try to be polite and not keep it on the table and "openly" check it however, I keep it in my lap and find myself constantly looking for the red blinking light. Then I find it next to impossible to not check what has come in. So yes, clearly I am addicted and I know.

Well, now I find myself addicted to It started innocently enough when I stumbled upon your site a couple of months ago. I found myself checking it daily, even posting some questions (I'm new to forums) and making connections. However, for the last month the site is constantly up on whatever computer I am in front of. If I'm at work or at home. I have the BB version. I check threads constantly. Even at friend's homes (although I tell them I need to check something for work)! I am constantly looking for what's new in the forums, the contests, the blogs and even in the store. Everything!

Now I know you might be biased since you must find yourself addicted to yourself but I would like some advice. How can I still get the information and stay involved and not be so consumed? What a great site!! Thank you - I think..

- Lovin'

Dear "Lovin'",

I completely understand what you are saying considering I have been through exactly what you are describing. is a great and unusual site that makes getting timely information about your BlackBerry fun and easy. It answers the hard questions and easy ones and is a great community to be part of. It's a one stop shop with the blogs and the store, etc..However, I would like to suggest you back off just a bit. Limit yourself to the number of times you check the site as well as, your BlackBerry. Keeping the site up all of the time when you're in front of a computer is great but constantly pulling yourself away from relationships in your life isn't a good idea.

In summary, you can have both, some balance with and your friends! We're here for you and are thrilled you are getting so much from the site! I look forward to you enjoying both! Just take it slowly......

- Best, Berry

[ Editor's Note - Too much of! Never! :-) If you can't sit at the computer all day at the full-blown website, we suggest taking it with you! You can install the shortcut onto your BlackBerry, which takes you to our mobile-optimized website at and allows you to participate in the forums directly from your device. You can also install an an awesome free application, Viigo - CrackBerry Edition, which allows you to get all of your and other favorite website feeds easily on your device! Oh, and don't forget the Podcasts, which is a great for any commute or for background listening at the office, and if you're a Facebooker, you can get our content from our app! ] 

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