Dear Berry by Mara Blumenthal Hi All,

My friend Jill made a suggestion (thank you, Jill) that I should respond to BlackBerry users, addicts and abusers regarding anything having to do with their BlackBerry from a social perspective. I have come in contact with many couples who argue about devices, families who are looking for solutions for their children, individuals who are using their device to connect with others (to what degree is this good they wonder?) and many different scenarios that we are all faced with given today's technology oriented world and our love for these wonderful devices called the BlackBerry! I was thrilled by the idea and so was Kevin!

So here we go! "Dear Berry"! I am ready to welcome any and all of your letters and correspondence. For arguments, addiction and usage advice (which isn't technical) and just fun, let me hear from you! It doesn't matter if the issue is small, if it's something you want to share or if you are trying to solve a disagreement or win a bet.

For technical issues, please post your questions on the forum and you will receive a knowledgeable answer and the community will benefit as well.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Thank you and let's solve your BlackBerry dilemmas!

"Berry" (Mara)
Email: dearberry @