Deal of the Day

Good news! The CrackBerry Deal of the Day is now available in our main ShopCrackBerry App Store! Until now the only way to access the Deal of the Day was via our on-device App Store client. Moving it to our main computer-optimized store ( - just click the App Store link on the site's main menu above) makes it that much easier to check out the daily featured app.

In case you're not familiar, the Deal of the Day offers a different single BlackBerry App or theme for your device at 50% off its normal retail price every 24 hours. Keep in mind that because not all apps/themes are compatible with every device model, the DoD may vary depending on your device. Be sure to choose your device model so you can view the Deal of the Day for you.

When the DoD first went into action in the beta app store client, there wasn't a huge amount of different apps going up on sale (the pool was smaller during the beta phase), but now that's it been rolled out in larger scale a ton of developers have signed up to take part in the DoD. We can't announce in advance what tomorrow's Deal of the Day will be, so you'll have to visit regularly to see if that app or theme you've been eyeing up can be had for 50% off. I can say though that there is definitely some good stuff lined up for the next ten days. Keep'er locked to CrackBerry and spread the word!