As we roll into the long weekend, we're finishing up the week with another heck of a CrackBerry Deal of the Day... Mobiscope for BlackBerry! From Shape Services, Mobiscope normally sells for $29.95 but until midnight CST tonight you can grab it for half price - $14.97! Not familiar with Mobiscope? You can view the video above for a walk through, and read on for the details:

Mobiscope allows you to view video from webcams directly on your BlackBerry - for home surveillance or just for fun! Enjoy real time webcam video and audio streams on your mobile; get motion detection alerts over email; any web/IP cam support. Complete video surveillance at a reasonable price! Features include:

  • Watch real time webcam video stream on your mobile. Keep an eye on your children even when away from home; See your loved one at any time when separated by distance or observe your work place and employees in the office during trips.
  • New! Audio streaming. Enjoy greatly improved video and audio streams!
  • Get motion detection alerts over email. Be notified of all motion detections and instantly watch a video stream from a place you observe. Start recording when motion is detected.
  • Any webcam / IP cam support. You can watch up to 4 web/IP cameras simultaneously or watch public webcams streaming remarkable places of interest worldwide. If you connect to wireless cameras, the desktop service of Mobiscope is optional.
  • No special equipment required. All you need is a webcam connected to computer (or network camera) and your mobile.
  • User interface in English, German, French, Flemish and Russian.

For more information and customer reviews, be sure to visit the product page at the link below. A free trial of Mobiscope for BlackBerry is also available, so you can give it a go and make sure it's worth the investment for you before buying.