Get Empower SMS Viewer for 50% Off!

If you're tired of waiting for RIM to roll out threaded SMS in an official operating system update, today is a great day to take advantage of the next best thing - Empower SMS Viewer. This has been a top selling app in the CrackBerry App Store and until midnight (cst) tonight you can grab it for 50% off it's regular price... that's $7.49 vs. $14.99. SMS Viewer features include:

  • Customizable graphic backgrounds - use the one given, or choose your own!
  • Separate Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons.
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys.
  • Turns HTML URLs into colorful web links.
  • Quick compose using SMS Templates and SMS Smileys!
  • Different colors for font, style and headers.
  • Numerous customization option to configure it exactly the way you want.
  • Integrates with Quick SMS and SMS Popup apps.
  • Seamless Integration with native SMS application.

Be sure to jump over to the product page at the link below to read all of the customer reviews and you can go to our original blog post for some more details (Bla1ze loves this app!).

  • Get Empower SMS Viewer for 50% Off Until Midnight (cst) tonight! >>