QuickPull Pro for 50% Off!

BlackBerry Tour Week is winding down, but we still have a couple Deal of the Day Specials you won't want to miss out on. Day 6 is QuickPull Pro v3 for 50% off its regular price. That means you can grab it until Midnight CST tonight for just $1.47. Here's the official verbage on QuickPull Pro:

QuickPull Pro conveniently simulates a "battery pull" on your BlackBerry, freeing up memory! Now with memory monitoring and advanced scheduling, QuickPull Pro uses "Smart Reboot" to free up memory, increase device performance, and enrich your overall BlackBerry experience.

Unlike the red power button on your phone which merely reloads your device, QuickPull will actually refresh the device, freeing up memory and increasing performance without losing your settings! Schedule to run a QuickPull at a certain time each DAY, or multiple times each WEEK with NEW convenient scheduling features to keep your memory and performance running at its best.You can even set a MEMORY threshold that will allow QuickPull Pro to alert you when your available memory drops too low. If the memory drops, memory monitoring will prompt you to run a QuickPull.

Be sure to click over to the product page for more details, to read customer reviews and to purchase and download.