Berry Popup Available for 50% Off

I received a couple of tweets yesterday asking when CrackBerry's next Deal of the Day would be... If it's daily, shouldn't it be every day?? The answer to that question is simple, it is daily! Though we won't blog about the Deal of the Day every single day, when visiting the website simply click on the App Store link on the site's main menu above and you will always be able to find the current DoD and the amount of time remaining on the deal. We've also set up, which you can type directly into your browser to jump straight to the DoD. Keep in mind if a device model is not set yet in the device selector tool you will need to choose your device before you see the Deal of the Day title available.

That said, we'll be sure to make a blog post about the DoD on a fairly regular basis, especially when it's one of our favorite BlackBerry apps up for grabs at 50% off. Today the app is BellShare's BerryPopup. BerryPopup allows you to preview incoming emails and SMS messages the moment they arrive on your device, no matter what application you are in - very handy for those who spend a lot of time with their device in hand and don't want to quit what they're doing in order to see who just emailed/SMSed when the blinking red light appears. As today's DoD, you can get BerryPopup for $3.47 vs. it's regular $6.95 price. Definitely a solid app and a great deal.