Add to Contact 2

Tired of having to copy and paste whenever you want to add new information to your existing contacts? It gets to be tiresome, selecting the information, copying, switching applications, finding the right contact, pasting into the right field… but it doesn't have to be that way. Add To Contact 2 by MobiChampion Software makes adding a new phone number, email address, or PIN easy and painless. Simply select the call log entry, SMS, email or PIN message that contains the information, press menu and select "Add to existing contact", then select the contact from the list.

  • Add phone numbers from call log entries and SMS messages
  • Add email addresses from emails
  • Add PINs from PIN messages
  • Ability to select a phone number type on adding or just use the first one
  • Replace already existing phone numbers
  • Phone number formatting
  • Add phone numbers or email addresses from any web page opened in browser
  • Add phone numbers or email addresses from body of any SMS, email or PIN message
  • Add email addresses from email's CC and BCC fields
  • Add phone numbers to existing or new contact just after incoming or outgoing call finished

This is a great utility to have on your BlackBerry, and will prove itself useful time and again. Available for all BlackBerry smartphones, Add To Contact 2 is normally $2.99, but it's todays Deal of the Day so you can get it for half off! That's right, $1.49, today only. There's even a free trial, so you can try it out, but if you like it don't wait too long to buy.

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