Time for some more zombie shooting action - this time with The Dead: Chapter One for BlackBerry 10. This one is also free which should certainly get your attention.

Imagine this - you are all alone in a wooden cabin at night and wave after wave of zombies want to eat you. Fortunately you are equipped with a gun (and more can be collected) so you must kill them before they kill you.

I do like a first person shooter style game and this one is pretty good. It's not perfect as you will need to have your screen brightness turned all the way up as it's so dark and also the controls are a little slow but you soon get used to those. Speaking of controls - things are real simple. You just have two virtual joy pads on either side of the screen. One moves you and the other controls your gun movements. Firing your weapon is done by tapping the gun joy pad.

Your health is displayed up at the top left of the screen and over on the right is your ammo and the number of zombies you have killed along with the total that will be in that particular level. Once all are dead a new wave will begin and you just keep on going to see how long you can survive.

The graphics are pretty decent (apart from being dark) and the sound effects are up to scratch too. This is another game that currently is only supported by the BlackBerry Z10 which I would imagine is down to the screen real estate. Fingers crossed the developer will work on that one, although this style of game is always going to be a better experience on larger devices.

For a free game there is no reason not to give this one a try.

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