I get bored looking at the same thing day in and day out. With as many times as I glance at my BlackBerry screen in a day, the OS 6 theme got old for me very quickly. I couldn't wait for themes to be available for my 9670 and was checking the forums every day in hopes of some to try. When they did start rolling out, I was ecstatic. That is until I saw the prices on some of the themes. As often as I change my themes, I just couldn't justify paying more than a dollar or two for a theme. All that changed when I was introduced to DE-LEXION by Walker Themes.

When I first tested out the theme, I was so taken with the vibrant colors and bouncing icons (it's so much fun to scroll back and forth to watch them jump) that it took me a minute to even register the reflective images below the icons. No matter what five applications I chose to place on the bottom dock, the theme created a true reflective image of each application's icon. It's less than 1 MB of file space, which is great for someone like me who has more themes than one should on their device. When you add the Weather/Profile slot and the hidden Today Plus menu to all of this, you have a very fun and unique theme.

The De-Lexion theme is available in blue, green and pink and is currently on sale for $3.99 (usually $5.99). It's compatible with all BlackBerry OS6 devices as well as OS5 for the 9700/9650/8900, 9500 and 8500/9300.

More information and purchase of DE-LEXION theme

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