We recently heard the good news that a bunch of large companies in India and made the switch to BES10 for their enterprise needs. More news, this time from Germany where leading software and IT company DATEV are also going down the BlackBerry Enterprise 10 route. 

As we previously have stated - BlackBerry CEO John Chen is going to be targeting enterprise companies in the masses this year and by the looks of things they are off to a great start. If we keep seeing companies commit to BES10 like we have done so far in early 2014 then BlackBerry could well be on track to regaining some slices of the pie that they may have lost in the past couple of years. 

Keep 'em coming BlackBerry. 

Press Release

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY and WATERLOO, CANADA - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that DATEV, a software company and leading IT service provider in Europe for tax advisors, auditors and lawyers, has selected BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) as its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution. DATEV, a long-standing BlackBerry customer, has also started the roll out of more than 1,000 BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

"On a daily basis, our employees use their mobile devices to conduct confidential business, and require a reliable smartphone that can secure the transmission of business data across every endpoint, including the device, server and network," explains Wolfgang Fischer, group leader ICT systems and mobile at DATEV. "With BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BES10, we have the best end-to-end solution in terms of usability, security and cost efficiency. Thanks to BlackBerry, our staff can access internal resources and other shared information on the go, without us having to worry about data loss."

Founded in 1966, DATEV has become one of the largest information providers and software companies in Europe. It provides companies, municipalities, associations and institutions with accounting, personnel management, business consulting and taxation, enterprise resource planning (ERP), IT security as well as organization and planning services. BES10 provides DATEV a complete end-to-end solution that allows employees to securely access corporate data from their smartphones. In addition, BlackBerry 10 smartphones' built-in BlackBerry(R) Balance(TM) technology separates and secures corporate data from personal e-mail, apps and documents, eliminating the risk of inadvertent data leakage, while providing end users with a rich consumer experience.

"Customers recognize the value that BES10 brings to their mobility needs with its industry-leading security, usability and cost efficiency. For DATEV, the combination of BlackBerry 10 smartphones and BES10 gives them the ideal combination for a flexible mobile computing environment that meets both corporate and end user requirements," said Markus C. Muller, Managing Director for Germany at BlackBerry.

BES10 is an integrated, multi-platform solution that secures and manages BlackBerry, iOS(R) and Android(TM) devices focusing on security, usability and cost efficiency to meet an organization's mobility needs. To date, more than 30,000 BES10 commercial and test servers have been installed by customers around the world. For more information, visit