data viz

We warned you. The news will be thick and fast from WES2007.

DataViz, Inc was quick off the mark with its announcement of its latest addition to the company’s award-winning mobile Office editing suite.

Documents To Go for BlackBerry is expected to be shipped later this year but the company is using WES to launch the application to an avid and informed audience in Orlando.

Documents To Go will enable users of BlackBerries to access, view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on their devices. Native file support will provide users withthe benefit and flexibility of using files and attachments regardless of how they are delivered to their BlackBerry.

Documents to Go also features a revolutionary piece of technology – InTact, which retains complex file formatting when receiving, editing and sending files to and from a Berry. Documents To Go will provide an optimal user experience while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of the mobile document.

There is also nothing new to learn assuming you already know how to work in the MS office environment.

For more information on the program see the DataViz releasehere or visit their website. Visit the company’s booth at the Symposium(Booth 315) for a demonstration. You can also have your say on the new program in the CrackBerry forum here.