Dart Wheel for BlackBerry 10 is a real simple game, yet somewhat very satisfying. The basic concept is that you have either a skinny or a not so skinny guy on a wheel that spins around. He is surrounded by targets and you must throw darts at them without hitting the man. The best bit though is that the game is free so go and give it a go.

To start with the wheel spins pretty slow so hitting the targets is easy - however as you progress through the levels things speed up. This means that you need to allow for the time of the dart to reach its target, therefore actually releasing the dart at some point in front - if that makes sense.

Although Dart Wheel is basic it's actually a bunch of fun to play. The gameplay is lovely and smooth and as that wheel gets faster and faster it's a wee bit addictive. And being free is always a big bonus. Currently it is only the Z10 that is supported so fingers crossed the dev will update for the Q10 soon.

Let's see who can get to the highest level - post your scores in the comments, and no cheating!

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