Dark Nebular: Episode one for BlackBerry 10 may well be my new favorite game. It's a labyrinth style game where you use the tilt controls on your BlackBerry to guide your orb/disc through each level, collecting capsules along the way. It's not as easy as it sounds though but it is a whole bunch of fun.

As you will see in the video, you'll come against red and green gates. To access these you must ensure you slide over the correct colored icon which will add the appropriate color to your orb to make sure you can get through the gates. Some gates will have capsules behind them so if you want the best score possible you'll need to make sure you collect them all.

In addition, there are parts of the labyrinth where you will need to have perfect tilt control to stop yourself from falling off narrow edges. You will plummet to your death if this happens - but you do get a nice explosion! 

As you move further through the levels things get spiced up to keep you excited. Level two is a shorter one than the first but it's all about speed. And then once on level three you'll need to hit certain points to make your orb jump between platforms - once again, missing these points will see you fall to your death. 

In terms of graphics Dark Nebula is an absolute gem. The colors are crisp and bright and the game play is just as smooth as you would expect from our high powered BlackBerry smartphones. I'm a little confused with the price of this one. The web says it is £0.75/$0.99 yet I just checked it was available for the Q10 also (which it is) and it was priced at £1.50/$1.99. I'm not sure what's going on there so if you would like to check it out and leave a note in the comments on pricing I'll amend the post accordingly? 

Whatever the price You'll love the game - I can pretty much guarantee. 

Features of the game include:

  • 11 action-packed levels Leap over obstacles
  • Slide past lasers
  • Unlock doors Collect capsules to earn a gold star for each level
  • Explore the reaches of space in sharp detail

More information/Download Dark Nebula: Episode One for BlackBerry 10