The Dark Knight Rises - Day 20 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of Gifts

It's day 20 and only five days left until Christmas. My, my has the time flown by. I have been enjoying this giveaway a lot. Waking up every morning, seeing what gift of the day is. Looking forward to what the big day will bring but let's look at what today brings us. It is another free game download and this one is another big file size. I've already run out of space but this is one I must get, even if I'll download it another day.

For day 20, we get The Dark Knight Rises game. If you thought day 19's 300MB+ was a big download, TDKR is a huge 1.5GB install size. So, make some space if you want the try out the game. While this is the game showing for most people in the forums. It may not be available in all regions. If you are seeing this as unavailable for you device, please check your 25 Days of Gifts banner in BlackBerry World to see what free gift you have. Hit up the comments with what free download is available for you if it is not TDKR.

For the full list of free downloads so far, trek back to the original post. You can hit up the forums for more discussion or tell us when you see tomorrow's gift.

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