Another great free little game is gracing us with its presence on BlackBerry 10 - this time it's 'The Dark'. It is a simple time killing game but due to its two tone graphics and addictive game play it makes for a great download. 

There is an ad-free version if you fancy picking it up for $0.99, although the ads in the free version are far from invasive. In addition you can grab some 'life packs' through in-app purchases if you feel the need.

The concept is real simple. You just need to move your character left and right to avoid the pumpkins and skulks which will end the game if you hit them. It sounds easy but it's far from that I can assure you. There are two options when it comes to controlling your character. The first is to just place your finger on him and drag back and forth in the directions you wish. Alternatively, and a lot harder, you can hold down on the display where you want him to move to and then releasing your touch will automatically spring him back to the middle. 

Having the screen split between the light and dark theme looks really good and although it's only blacks and greys that are used they actually compliment the game and with the added spooky sound effects it makes for a pretty good gaming experience.  

Once again it is only the BlackBerry Z10 and Z30 that are supported, which is a shame but that's just the way it is. If you have a compatible BlackBerry give this one a go. It's quite a beauty. 

Game Features: 

  • Unlimited gameplay  
  • Awesome graphics and level design  
  • Quick reflexive game

Download The Dark (free) for BlackBerry 10