Recently DreamTheme launched 20 new personalization products across 3 new app categories. This week they have just released a new ringtone bundle called Dancify. The Dancify DreamTones app is a small app you install that gives you access to over 20 professionally recorded vibes you can then save as a ringtone. The DreamTones packs actually are composed of 7 or 8 tracks, with segments of different lengths to allow a bit more control over the nature of the ringtone you are interested in for assignment to different events on your BlackBerry. You can check out Dancify and DreamTheme's other DreamTones packs by listening to them at

For those of you that have already bought the 'Unlimited Dreaming' package from DreamTheme, the Dancify DreamTones are now available to you at no charge. You can buy Dancify DreamTones, Unlimited Dreaming, or anything else from DreamTheme's catalogue here at the CrackBerry App Store. Use the code "Crack" to get an additional 15% off when purchasing through the CrackBerry App Store Client or Mobile App Store site!

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