Mike and Jim  

An interesting piece was published this week by the folks at DailyFinance and it got us here at CrackBerry talking quite a bit about it, tossing around some ideas and thoughts, and we wanted to get your input as well. The article dives into 9 CEO's that they believe should be fired, and some of the business results behind why they say that.So it got us wondering, would it be a good idea to start fresh with some new CEO's at the top? We certaintly don't think so, but unfortunately some of you do agree.

We know RIM has been coming out with some new great stuff, look at the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the BlackBerry Bold 9900, but could the envelope be pushed even further with some fresh blood at the top of the food chain? Or should the folks who founded the company and have seen it through all the changes continue to reign at the top? We know change is usually good, but is this the change that RIM needs? Let us know what you think!

Source: DailyFinance

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