Dear Berry with Mara Blumenthal Dear Berry,

I just bought an 8800, it's about 33 days old, and of course the Curve (8300) has now been released. But how on earth do I fight the addiction to buy it? I can't 'really' afford it, and do I really even need it? It's not compulsory for me to have a camera on my BlackBerry, or any mobile device, but....

It just seems with devices, like BlackBerry's and the likes, one is always trying to 'keep up with the Jones'. I don't want to become that person, and more importantly, I can't afford it.

Any ideas? Can you help me, or am I a lost cause?

"Fighting the addiction"

Dear "Fighting the addiction",

I completely understand your desire to have the new devices as they come to the marketplace - and they are coming quicker and quicker as time goes by. Completely understanding this addiction, I would not say you were a lost cause because you are questioning your actions. Part of what makes you an addicted BB user is the fact that you most likely are a gadget lover and very much want and enjoy the latest gadgets.

The reason for wanting the new gadget is an entirely different thing. If it's just to "keep up with the Jones's" and if that is why you want the latest gadgets, then I would recommend a bit of soul searching in order to understand why you might need to do that. Does it give you some level of importance you might not otherwise have? Things like that for example. However, if it's because you are a gadget lover and really believe you will like the Curve better than the 8800 (it's subjective of course) then make sure to sell your 8800 and any other devices if possible. Put the money from those sales towards the Curve or new device. The difference might possibly be negligible. Also, if your birthday, anniversary, mother's/father's day, holidays, etc... are coming up, ask for the Curve as your gift but make certain and still sell your other devices.

The most important thing to remember is that if you truly can't afford it and it's costing you or your family the necessities or any trouble, then don't do it in any case. If you are one of those people who are always saying you can't afford things but then find a way to buy them (and no harm is done) then compromise and find a way to stay up to date and still retain some of the funds from the other purchase. While I understand agonizing over the purchase of a new device, in the end it isn't all that worthwhile. The main reason as you know is that another new device will come along quickly and the agonizing will begin again. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your 8800 or your new Curve...let us know on the forums!

Best of luck,