LoginTC two-factor authentication solution now available for BlackBerry 10

Although there are several two-factor authentication apps for BlackBerry 10 available already having another option to choose from is great and Cyphercor Inc. has now announced their enterprise-grade, cloud-based two-factor authentication solution LoginTC is now available on BlackBerry 10 as a native app.

Whether you need an SMB, Enterprise or even Government account, LoginTC can accommodate the situation with their free starter or paid professional and enterprise accounts allowing you to secure everything from your personal WordPress blog to an enterprise RADIUS server through their connector add-ons.

Supported Connector Services:

  • Cisco ASA
  • OpenVPN
  • OpenVPN AS
  • SiteMinder
  • WatchGuard
  • Web
  • Unix SSH
  • OpenAM
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla

Personally, I have a free account set up on my WordPress blog to enable two-factor authentication right from my desktop using their Google Chrome extension but now, with the release of the native app into BlackBerry World I can download it onto my BlackBerry Passport so I can have access wherever I go. As soon as I try to login, it sends a request to the app on my phone via a notification and I have to approve and enter the PIN before the website will load, you can see an example here.

If you're interested in LoginTC, you can read the full press release below or head on over to their site to learn more or download the app here. These days, everyone should be using some form of two-factor authentication when and where possible and with LoginTC's free account and connector apps they offer integration with a lot of different services and most importantly, set up of it all is a fairly easy and straight forward process. Often with two-factor authentication services that's not always the case.

Press Release

BlackBerry Users Get Enhanced Security and User Experience with Launch of LoginTC Native App for BB10

LoginTC – a leading two-factor authentication solution – releases new native app for BlackBerry® 10 OS in an effort to provide BlackBerry users with simple, secure, scalable & cost-effective 2-factor protection for access to online assets.

BlackBerry users seeking enhanced login security via two-factor authentication (2FA) can now protect their digital assets without sacrificing an optimal user experience, as Cyphercor Inc. releases its native LoginTC app for Blackberry 10 (BB10).

Rebuilt from scratch, the new app, made exclusively for BlackBerry® 10 OS, is primed to provide the highest quality of performance – from stability to speed and resolution. All BlackBerry 10 devices are supported: BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Passport.

An exciting key feature of LoginTC's BB10 app is language localisation, which means the app is available in both of Canada's official languages: French and English. The app will automatically detect the user's language preference based on existing settings on his or her BlackBerry.

Also exciting, this release marks the beginning of LoginTC's transition to user-empowered testing across all mobile platforms. User-empowered testing gives end-users who are not administrators the control to run diagnostics, which ensure the system is functioning properly, directly from their devices without admin assistance. The marriage between user and administrator powered protection further solidifies the security of any establishment on two levels: individually and as a cohesive whole.

"Our goal is to deliver an exceptional and safe user experience that meets our clients' needs, regardless of what mobile device they use – whether that's an Apple iPhone, a Google-driven smartphone or desktop, a tablet or a BlackBerry," says Hernan Matute, CEO of Cyphercor.

He continues, "That also involves appealing to both administrator and end-user so they work together to create the environment necessary for achieving maximal security." In a mobile market that prioritizes the development of apps for iOS and Android, Cyphercor is committed to ensuring that its BlackBerry customers, like all its customers, remain fully protected from the threat of cyberattacks and stay fully satisfied with the products they use to do so.

The app is available for download from the BlackBerry World app store for free at http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/59952837/

About LoginTC

LoginTC is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based two-factor authentication (2FA) solution that leverages virtualization and mobile investments to complement and protect existing IT practices and infrastructure. It delivers an elegant and supremely secure online experience, scalable for millions of users, without significant costs. End-users install the LoginTC app on their mobile device (Blackberry, Apple, Android) or Google Chrome, converting their device or desktop into a second factor credential by loading administrator-issued tokens in the app. Future first-factor (username/password) access attempts to a LoginTC-enabled VPN or corporate application push a second factor request to the device. The rich app interface then prompts users to approve or deny the access request.

Companies ranging from SMBs to enterprises – including LTG Federal, Infostrada and Harlequin – as well as government organizations already trust LoginTC. This can be attributed to LoginTC's unique and sought after characteristics: no Personally Identifiable Information (PII), secure remote password (SRP) protocol protection, push notifications rather than SMS for worldwide access, and fraud detection integration with dynamic CONTEXTUAL information for real-time threat alert.

Cyphercor Inc., the developer of LoginTC, is headquartered in Ottawa. For more information, visit https://www.logintc.com/.