This sale on Philips Hue lighting is not messing around. There are a dozen different deals available right now, and they include everything from multi-color LED smart bulbs for $42.47 to the 80-inch voice-controlled multi-color light strip for $76.47.

If you're new to the Philips Hue ecosystem, start with this four-bulb starter kit for $169.99. It normally sells for $200, so you're saving $30 off the regular price. Plus, it comes with the Philips Hue bridge, which is essential to the entire process. You can buy the bridge on its own for $50.99 and customize your individual purchases based on all the deals available today. Either way, the bridge is how you can control all your bulbs and strips at once and then connect them to your Google Home, Amazon Echo, or other device to add voice control.

Some of the other deals worth noting include the Philips Hue motion sensor for $33.99, a wireless dimmer kit with switch and bulb for $29.74, and a 40-inch LightStrip for $25.49.

All of these smart bulbs can be controlled by the Philips Hue app, and it has plenty of great features like the ability to access your home's lights remotely, scheduling, and soon a feature that will let you capture the glow of your favorite cities around the world.

Almost all of these deals are available through Best Buy's Memorial Day sale as well.

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