I chose to get my BlackBerry Z10 in black, and then soon after had some envy seeing how cool the white one looked. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can customize your device these days. The CrackBerry store has a pretty big selection of cases, and you can find other options around like skins and custom decals if you want something different. Not everyone likes to use a case or skin though, so for those people an option for a bit of change is a new battery door.

I was super happy to see that we now carry both black and white OEM battery doors for the BlackBerry Z10 over at ShopCrackBerry! I immediately ordered a white one, and when it came in the mail today snapped it on immediately, so I can live out my fantasies of having a BlackBerry Stormtrooper of my very own. Since these are OEM doors, they have the NFC antenna built in, so if you've lost or broken your battery door you can order one of these as a replacement and be good as new. You can grab your own replacement battery door for the BlackBerry Z10 from ShopCrackBerry at the link below.

Since it's the weekend and a new month and I'm feeling saucy, let's give away a couple of these! Leave a comment below and we'll pick two of you to get your very own replacement battery door for the BlackBerry Z10. One comment per person, and we'll announce the winners Monday. Good luck!

More information/purchase the battery door for the BlackBerry Z10