Now that sponsored invites are already rolling out to beta testers, the BBM team is already looking at other ways to monetize BBM. One way noted in a recent survey sent out was the possibility of being able to customize your very own BlackBerry PIN, so instead of getting a bunch of random numbers and letters, you could potentially assign whatever you wanted as your PIN presumably with some exceptions.

If you were able to personalize your BBM PIN (e.g., 11112222, COOLDUDE, BB3RRY10), how interested would you be in customizing it?

The survey goes on to ask whether or not you would pay for the option but considering that's a closed survey and not everyone can take part in it, we figured we'd run a poll for the masses. Personally, I'd probably pay a one-time fee to have a custom PIN but if it was an ongoing cost then I'd be less likely to use it. Have your say in the poll below.