Curve 8900 & Pearl Flip 8210 Coming to AT&T

* UPDATE: If you're still doubting that the 8900 is coming to AT&T, take a look after the jump for a computer monitor image showing the 8900 SKU on AT&T's systems. *

Of the four new next-gen BlackBerry smartphones on the market, AT&T has the Bold but is currently missing the other three - the Pearl Flip (lower end, but still next gen), the Curve 8900 and the Storm. The word from a BGR via a tipster yesterday is that the Curve 8900 may hit AT&T before the end of the month, which sounds plausible since the SKU for it is appearing in AT&T systems. As for the Pearl Flip 8210, which will have GPS but be sans WiFi, think March. No word on pricing yet.

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8900 SKU from AT&T Fourth from the bottom - 8900!