Unfortunately, when it comes to puzzle games I'm nine times out of ten totally and utterly useless. And nothing has changed this time around, but I do recognize a good game when I see one. I've just not got the patience for puzzles. Give me a shoot 'em up any day of the week.

Cubik 2D is an Android port, but available in BlackBerry World for all-touch BlackBerry 10 handsets - sorry Q Series folk. With it being free, it's well worth giving it a try - maybe a perfect one for the commute to work?

To cut a long story short, you need to replicate the image shown to you from a selection of categories. These include:

  • Alpha-Numeric - A to Z, 1 to 9

  • Animals - Dog, Fish, Giraffe

  • Objects - Chair, Rocket, Aeroplanes

  • Shapes - Circle, Square, Oval, Rectangle

  • Abstract - Pattern after pattern.

Sliding the tiles either up, down, left or right you need to match the image in the shortest amount of moves possible. At the top of the display you have a target amount of moves, as well as a move counter, your best for that level as well as a timer.

The better you do - the more stars (out of three) you will be awarded to unlock further levels. The game is bright and colorful as well as having a pleasant backing track and for you puzzle fans out there I suspect it will be a big hit.

Let us know what you think?

Download Cubic 2D for BlackBerry 10