We don't normally cover two BlackBerry 10 games in one video but I made an exception here as both are free to download and they come from the same developer. The games are not up there with the big name titles, but what they do offer is a free challenge for when you have a few spare minutes on your hands and they aren't bad at all. 

Cube Runner 3D is in my opinion the better of the two. You can grab the Pro version of the game for $0.99 if you want to, although I didn't feel that the adverts in the free edition were invasive at all. In this one you control a cube which you must make switch between three lanes avoiding the obstacles. With super background music and fantastic 3D graphics, you just need to see how far you can get. You'll need to have ninja reflexes with this one - if you don't currently possess them - the game will have you trained no time. 

Features include: 

  • Unlimited Running
  • Every 1 minute of running earns you a life
  • Challenging as well as addictive
  • Designed for any age
  • Superb 3D game

Next up is Impossible 3D Game. The concept isn't too dissimilar, however, this time you are making a cube jump over the obstacles and you are looking at the cube from a different angle compared to Cube Runner 3D. Once again, you just need to get as far as you can without hitting anything in your way. If you have the willpower for concentration then give this a go. 

Both games are for the BlackBerry Z30 and Z10 only so you hardware keyboard folk will have to miss these ones I'm afraid. 

Download Cube Runner 3D for BlackBerry 10
Download Impossible 3D Game for BlackBerry 10