In three hours I'll be boarding a plane for Las Vegas to attend CTIA Wireless 2009. Normally I'd post the traditional "Welcome to Las Vegas" graphic, but instead I thought I'd drop some of my favorite old content up here as quality filler while I'm stuck at airports and on airplanes for the better part of the day. Yesterday was a bit of a rough one for the BlackBerry Storm, seeing as how the editors of one of my favorite sites, Engadget, awarded 'ole Stormy the title of Worst Gadget of the Year. Ouch. No hard feelings -- to each his own and you'll get no arguments from me against the fact there's work for RIM left to do on their touchscreen offering. At the same time, there's no doubt that good or bad or inbetween, the BlackBerry Storm inspired the Smartphone Contest of the Year. So to get over the sad news, I proudly bring to you once again Pudding Wrestling for a BlackBerry Storm (possibly NSFW if your employer doesn't like pudding or good looking girls)! And ladies, for your fix you can check out Kevin Vlk running through 20 miles through Chicago shirtless for a Storm. There we go... I hope we all feel better now :-) 

CTIA Wireless 2009 Coverage: It should be a fun show, with BlackBerry App World likely to make a buzz and hopefully RIM will have another surprise or two up their sleeve for all of us addicts. I'll be reporting back as best I can, and like our CES coverage, will follow up next week with a bunch of hands-on video and reports for everything that doesn't make it up to the blogs this week.

CTIA Twitter Coverage: With Twitter all the rage these days, remember you can tune into both @crackberry (story links) and @crackberrykevin (my thoughts) to get CTIA delivered tweet by tweet. I'll be sure to send some pics to our CrackBerry Flickr page as well. Talk to y'all from Vegas!