CTIA Wireless 2008 Highlights I just received an email from the folks at CTIA letting me know that they have now made all of the keynote addresses available for viewing via webcast! So if you didn't quite Get Your Fix of CTIA coverage while I was on location, head on over to CTIA's website.

They have a ton of info, photos, podcasts and video of what went down at this year's big event. More than enough to kill your your coffee break and lunch hour :-)

With CTIA now done (though I still have some articles to publish from the event!), the next big thing to turn our attention to is RIM's annual show - the Wireless Enterprise Symposium... or WES for short. I REALLY want to get a good look at a BlackBerry 9000... HOPEFULLY RIM will officially announce its existence that week. Anybody attending the event? Let the CB community know on this forum thread!