Guitar Hero III for BlackBerry

Kevin shot this over to me this morning as he was on his way out to attend the keynote at CTIA. You might have already noticed that Guitar Hero III was coming due to the cool video Kevin shot on the expo floor at CTIA (He wasn't supposed to be there, but he snuck in and shot a video anyway!)

Now it's official, the press releases are coming out and word is spreading. Hands-On Mobile together with Activision have announced that Guitar Hero III is indeed coming to the BlackBerry.

From the press release: 

"As shown by its success, Hands-On Mobile has done a great job carrying Guitar Hero over to the mobile platform," said Charles Huang, Executive Vice President, RedOctane. "With the addition of BlackBerry customers, even more fans can now feed their Guitar Hero addictions."

Featuring four authentic guitars and three venues, the game challenges players to hit number keys in synch with colored notes that appear on a scrolling fret board.  The game offers 15 instantly accessible tracks taken from the console series, including "Cherub Rock", "Miss Murder", "Monsters", "Suck My Kiss", and "Trippin' On A Hole", and offers subscribers the opportunity to expand their playlist with three new songs every month.  After a year, players will be able to access over 50 songs and 150 unique levels across all three difficulties (easy, medium, and expert).
"With Guitar Hero III Mobile, we pushed the boundaries of innovation for mobile gaming and as a result are enjoying incredible success working directly with all of our distribution partners,"
said Michael Temkin, chief technology officer and EVP operations at Hands-On Mobile. "We are thrilled to bring this game to the BlackBerry platform for customers around the world."

The game is now being distributed by Magmic Games at You can pick up your copy for $14.99.

For more info you can visit, visit on your BlackBerry...or read the press release.

P.S. If you happen to be in Vegas for CTIA, Kevin tells me he is going to be at the Guitar Hero III party tomorrow night at Mandalay Bay. Look for the Curve with the orange CB on it!