Gotta love these conferences. After kneeing a giant droid in the nuts and visiting the BlackBerry booth, I headed straight to the LuxMobile/Ed Hardy exhiibit to try and top our CES 2010 video (in case you missed it, watch it here). Now while they did have some booth babes on hand again showing off the latest Ed Hardy cases, the big news from LuxMobile was the introduction of their new line of David Garibaldi accessories. Garibaldi is a well-known artist who's work is a "fusion of music, energy, street culture, urban style and graffiti."

When I hit the booth, it turned out Garibaldi himself was on hand to celebrate the launch and put on a show for the crowd, doing up some oversized "case paintings" on the spot. Crazy cool stuff. I caught the whole show and you can watch it above (we'll forgive him for painting on an iPhone canvas instead of a BlackBerry one). The new phone covers for BlackBerry MSRP for $29.99. You can keep your eyes peeled for them.