Much to the delight of BlackBerry owners, with the launch of BlackBerry App World last week came the unveiling of Shazam for BlackBerry. Seeing as how Shazam is already one of App World's top downloads, this post won't be news to many of you, but if you haven't tried Shazam out yet for yourself the video walk through above provides a decent overview (for more info check out our original Shazam post).

I've been liking Shazam for BlackBerry so far but have a couple of gripes with it... one, I'd rather be able to buy and download the mp3 immediately vs. getting sent off to Amazon to purchase the CD (do people still buy cds?!) and two, I wish the enhanced version was free.

Any new thoughts from all the BlackBerry Shazamers out there now that you've had a solid few days to get to really use it?!