CTIA Wireless 2009 is now in full swing, and I spent the better part of the day at the Las Vegas convention center taking it all in. The event is definitely quieter than I remember it being last year, but the BlackBerry booth is as BUSY as ever. Seriously, from the moment the exhibitor hall opened the BlackBerry booth was packed. Just as we did with our CES coverage in January, I'll be bringing you some video recaps from the BlackBerry developers and partners displaying their apps and services over the days ahead. Some of these vids may be news to you while other videos will be of apps you may already be familiar with... but it's still nice to see it presented live.

FIRST UP: iHeartRadio! One of the newer entrants to the BlackBerry streaming audio game, this is an app you definitely should check out. We've covered it on the blogs here (initial post) and here (Storm post) and you can learn more and download by visiting iHeartRadio.com. Enjoy the video!