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The popular messaging app crunchSMS has been updated several times over the last couple of weeks. With lots of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, signatures, text snippets, passcode lock, blacklisting, this app is just like texting, but with heaps of customization.

Version 3.13 - 5 September 2011
  • Optimized performance, especially for OS 7 devices.
  • Reorganized the Options screen.
  • Preparing for Emoji interoperability with iPhone & Android devices for the next Release 3.14!!!
Version 3.12 - 1 September 2011
  • For OS 6/7 the pull down 'Home Screen Notifications List' now shows crunchSMS messages!
Version 3.11 - 25 August 2011
  • Quick Reply is now way nicer! Making it much easier to view multi-line messages.
  • Scrolling through messages using the trackball is now much faster and smoother.
  • You can now buy a license through BlackBerry App World, quick and easy, so please support us!
  • When downloading an MMS, pictures and videos are better matched to the capabilities of the phone.
  • Accents are ignored when searching for a contact, so you can look for "Véronique" by typing "ver".
  • In Quick Reply, if you enter text then press [Open] your text is no longer lost.
CrunchSMS is free, though after 7 days a banner will appear within the app to encourage you to purchase it in order to remove the banner. You can do so for $6.99, though it's not necessary for the app to function.

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